Thursday, January 7, 2010

Can I place Olive Oil in the Bath tub?

Has anyone soaked in the bathtub with olive oil? Does it moisturize? How much did you use?Can I place Olive Oil in the Bath tub?
i have not tried it but it is a good idea. why dont u try olive oil bathing oil?????Can I place Olive Oil in the Bath tub?
Never actually took a bath of olive oil, but i use it on my hair all the time, before I shampoo. It's a great moisturizer, and works well for my hair, so I can imagine it would work great for your skin. However, be careful afterward. It is very very slippery and accidents are bound to happen. This from just washing out about 1/4 cup out of my hair, much less filling a tub with it...
Olive oil is incredibly good for you, particularly as a moisturiser. Don't use too little. Most importantly, don't be afraid to have a swig.
no no no, use lemon instead here's a link that will tell you鈥?/a>
It's not a good idea to put it down the drain. You're asking for plumbing problems.
i use it to moisturize my works well.

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