Thursday, January 7, 2010

Olive oil for undereye circles and skin?

i've looked up a lot of articles and they said that extra virgin olive oil really helps your undereye circles and skin. but are you supposed to leave the oil on your face or wash it off after a certain time?Olive oil for undereye circles and skin?
Your problem is that you need iron, folic acid and b 12. Do the test when you click my name and do the iron deficiency test on that page. Your skin is see thru under your eyes which is why you have dark circles.Olive oil for undereye circles and skin?
I've heard the same with vitamin K and vitamin E oil too. Put it on before you sleep and leave it on while you sleep.

I'm actually trying it with vitamin E right now. =) Hope it works !
Olive oil doesn't work ... a Vitamin K deficiency and possibly heredity play a part in the under eye dark circles.

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